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Integrated Care in the Natural Pain Solutions Model

The Lordex Spine Institute and Natural Pain Solutions were founded in 2005 by Dr. Jeffrey K. Tunick with the mission to create an Integrated Practice Model to provide a “Center of Excellence” in health care to our family of patients. We believe that the integration of our individual professional skill sets can best serve our patient population.

At Natural Pain Solutions we find that while many patients can be successfully managed by a single one of our providers, more complex case presentations may require the professional expertise of practitioners in more than one specialty. Natural Pain Solutions brings together a diverse group of healthcare professionals, each a ‘thought leader’ in their respective specialty, for the benefit of those who entrust their healthcare to us.

We are committed to your good health and will advise you if we believe it would be in your best interest to meet with one of our other providers.

Our mission is to help our patients, ‘take back their lives’.

Centered In Motion Chiropractic & Rehabilitation

Dr. Claudia Holderegger’s Centered in Motion Chiropractic & Rehabilitation provides movement rehabilitation with the premise that your body will always seek out the path of least resistance. It will always do the best it can under the circumstances to help you do what you would like to do. If you are experiencing pain, stiffness and difficulty moving, there must be obstacles that are preventing your body from choosing a better way to move. When we remove these obstacles, your body will invariably find a better, more efficient way of moving, and it will do so in most cases immediately! For you this means pain relief, reduced wear and tear, and an overall feeling of ease in movement. Best of all, this means that you once more feel able to move and do the things you’d like to do!

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Cindy Anderson, Licensed Acupuncturist

Cindy brings her unique dedication and focus to this ancient art. Acupuncture is a time honored and respected form of medicine that has been utilized successfully for over 3000 years. It’s known to effectively treat both acute and chronic conditions and is practiced all over the world. Research has shown that acupuncture can help treat acute and chronic neuromuscular and joint conditions, an extensive variety of pain related conditions, headaches, digestive disorders, gyn issues, anxiety and depression, as well as a myriad of other disorders. Time has proven this alternative and complementary medicine works.

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Fundamental Medicine Naturopathic Practice

Dr. Teresa Gryder’s Fundamental Medicine is a naturopathic practice specializing in evidence based medicine. Her approach provides patients a low cost alternative to the usual and customary medical practice that emphasizes the use of prescription drugs and surgeries. A strong believer in life-style management her brand of naturopathic medicine is at once refreshing and empowering.

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Optik PDX, Optometrist

Dr. Ezra Atikune is attentive to your individual needs and provides a thorough vision exam and ocular health evaluation. He believes that you should expect the care and attention your eyes deserve. Dr. Ezra is dedicated to his patients and works diligently to provide the best patient/customer experience possible. If you are seeing double or having issues with your vision, you should ask him specifically about Binocular Vision Dysfunction.

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