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Natural Pain Solutions of Portland is a clinic dedicated to helping you to naturally control your pain!

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Problem Solvers

Natural Pain Solutions often serves as the primary health care team tasked with getting to the root of the problem and provides answers to complex health issues.  We treat a wide variety of conditions and pride ourselves on being ‘problem solvers’ that enable people to recover from their health care challenges.

At Natural Pain Solutions, we help to finally end your journey and get off the merry-go-round of endless doctors and therapists.  We don’t simply manage your pain; we find solutions to help you ‘take back your life’.  Now is a good time to take the first step towards ending your pain.

Our Commitment to You

The Staff at Natural Pain Solutions is committed 100% to your satisfaction!  We always provide excellent service and obtain optimum results for each and every patient in achieving our goals.  Every patient’s pain is unique and deserves and requires individualized treatment plans.  You are never a number at Natural Pain Solutions as we truly do want our patients to improve and take back their lives!

Comprehensive Pain Solution Philosophy

Imagine this. When you get here it’s all about you. You’re “it”. The entire visit with your Natural Pain Solutions doctor is centered on giving you an experience uncommon in today’s impersonal medical world. After all, you are a dignified human being with specific needs that require talented people who truly care, delivered in an environment that is first class in every respect. Our goal at Natural Pain Solutions is to markedly improve your life. Pain management and relief is usually the first step. Restoring your human potential and optimizing your health is next. We continuously ask ourselves the question, “How can we best serve your health needs?” We live in that question. And the answer, in short, is always the same: a commitment to being a “Center of Excellence” in everything we do. Excellence is the answer. It’s what we value most. As such, our staff is continuously upgrading their knowledge base in order to give you the best. Natural Pain Solutions combines several specialties: Portland chiropractic physicians, Portland Naturopathic physicians, Portland physical therapists, Portland acupuncturists, Portland massage therapists and other rehab specialists. The physicians at Natural Pain Solutions in Portland’s goal are to help you move from pain, injury, or dysfunction to pain-free restoration of function in the shortest possible time.

Pain Solutions includes much more than Medication Management.  At Natural Pain Solutions we utilize Spinal Decompression Therapy, Chiropractic, Naturopathic, PT and Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy; pain management with our naturopathic physicians and massage therapists.  These services can include medication management, Prolotherapy, IV Therapy and therapeutic massage treatments.

With the proper combination of pain management services patient outcomes can be maximized thereby allowing patients to return to work, participate in social activities and get back to living more complete lives.


Chiropractic and Naturopathic Physicians and Therapists for ALL your PAIN related health care needs.

“He who has health has hope.  He who has hope has everything.”

–Ancient proverb


A former champion of opioid use for pain management has changed his tune, and he is sending out a strong warning against misusing the treatment that he once championed. Dr. Russell Portenoy’s public change of heart underscores the urgency of addressing this important health crisis:...


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Our Areas of Service:
Herniated or Ruptured Disc| Arthritis | Lower Back and or Leg Pain
| Degenerative Disc Disease| Sciatica | Facet Syndrome |Fibromyalgia | Motor Vehicle Accidents | Migraines | Work Related Injuries | Nutritional Guidance |